Frequently asked questions

  • 1- How can I change my gender?

    Unfortunately we don’t allow nations date users to change their gender so that chatting is based o trust. If you wrongly filled in the gender input at the registration process, please contact us at

  • 2- How can I change my birthday?

    Please go to “my account” and click on “edit” next to your name. Then click on “relationship status”, select you correct birthday and click on “save”

  • 3- Troubleshooting guidelines?

    If you have any problem in when using Nations date website please do the following steps:

    1- make sure you have the latest update of your browser.
    2- clean the browser cookies and cache.
    3- close and re-open the browser.
    4- log out and log in again.

    If none of the previously stated steps don’t work please contact us at and explain to us the problem you are having in Nations date by stating how did that problem arise so that we can treat that problem as faster as we can.

  • 4- How can I contact the support?

    If you have any problem or request feel free to contact us at

  • 5- How can I deactivate my account?

    If you want to deactivate you account, please contact us at providing us with the reason why you want to do so based on the following.
    I want to deactivate my account because:
    1-i successful found my partner so there is no need for keeping my account.
    2-i has not found what I am looking for.
    3- I found difficulties using the website of Nations date.
    4-other reasons: explain this reason in the email that you will send to us.
    Note: you have to contact us with the same email of you Nations Date account to proceed to the deactivation process. All the requests from other emails are rejected unless if you can prove you ownership of the account.

  • 6- How can upgrade to VIP account?

    There is no VIP account because the services are offered to all accounts free of charge and they have the same status/degree.
    Don’t forget that equality is one of our main principles.

  • 7- What is the difference between “like” and “favorite”?

    There is a major difference between both of them:
    Like: means that you are interested in the profile and you want to notify your potential partner that you like him/her.
    Favorite: means that you are interested in them and you want to put them in your favorite list so that you can chat with them later without them knowing that they have been added to your favorite list.

  • 8- Why my account has been suspended temporarily?

    You account has been suspended for one of the following reasons:
    1- You account is not for a real person.
    2- Using inappropriate pictures or using pictures which are not yours.
    3- Asking other users to provide their emails, phones or other ways of contacting them outside Nations Date website.
    Note: you must continue your conversations in our website so that we can protect you and help you to find your desired partner.
    1- You did a spam activity.
    2- Using a robot.
    3- You annoying other users.
    Note: your account is suspended for a specific period of time but you keep annoying us your account will be deleted.

  • 9- Is nations date really free?

    Yes and always will be free.

  • 10- How nations date work?

    The website of Nations date is easy to manipulate. We have designed Nations date in a way that is simple so that all the users can enjoy our services without worrying about any complexity.
    Nations date work as described in the following steps:
    1- Fill the search form with the criteria of your desired partner
    2- Add desired partners from the search result to your favorite list so that you can find them later easily.
    3- “like” your desired partner to inform him that you want to date him/her.
    4- Start chatting with you potential partner.If you need help concerning how to date your desired partners you can find a lot of articles that can help achieve your goal.

  • 11- Is my personal information safe?

    All of your personal information is 100% safe. They are not to be shared or given to anyone. Our top concern is the secrecy of your personal information. We are not responsible for your personal information that you decide to share with other users specifically e-mails and phone numbers.

  • 12- Why my profile picture is rejected?

    Because your profile picture does not comply with the guiding profile pictures listed below:
    1- It must be your own picture.
    2- It must show clearly your face and only your face.
    3- The profile picture should not contain neither explicit nor implicit sexual content.